Writing Update: Fighting


I have had several days off from writing.  Sometimes I just need a break but I use that time to catch up on blog things or to spend more time reading.  It also gave me a chance to really think about where I wanted my story to go next.

Today I managed to write 2,100 words, which I think is decent considering I haven’t done much lately.  I also started my first real fight scene, which is probably a complete disaster…. I won’t lie, I don’t have a lot of experience with fight scenes and it is something I really need to work on.  But I have given it an attempt and I will try fix it up during the next draft….


Wondering Writers #3


Today’s topic is something that has been debated for a long time, but it is something I feel is an important thing for writers to talk about.

Do you judge a book by its cover?
How does your response impact your decisions for your own work?

Well, I have not published a book yet, so technically it has not impacted my work yet, but I am constantly thinking about what my cover might look like and looking for examples and ideas to come up with something I hope will get a good response.

As far as reading goes, I quite often judge a book by its cover.  By that, I mean if I am looking at books in a store or online, I will quite often skim over ones that do not catch my eye.  The title is also important.  Both of those impact on my decision of whether or not I want to read the blurb.

That being said, I’m not the same for books that have been recommended.  Sometimes I will read a review before I even see the cover.  Other times it’s a book that a friend has suggested.  If I receive good recommendations for the book then the cover does not impact my decision to read at all.

So, basically, what I am trying to say is that I believe covers are important for new authors who are trying to get their name out there.

Here are some of my favourite covers that I have come across recently:


Do you judge a book by its cover?
How does your response impact your decisions for your own work?
Feel free to share links to your own covers or favourite ones you have come across recently.


October Overview

The month of October has come to an end and I feel like I have achieved a lot this month.  I am becoming more productive with my writing and I have picked up new projects.  I officially now do book reviews and beta reading by request and I started my new layout for my reviews.  I also started my poem Mondays and I have a Wondering Writers Discussion each Thursday.

I spent some of this month fixing my world and characters and then editing the chapters I had already done.  I am definitely glad I spent the time doing that.  I have added another 15.5k words to my book and I am currently at the start of chapter 10.  I have 32k words in total so I have almost doubled my work in one month!

I have read and reviewed the following books:
Numen the Slayer by Grady P. Brown
Elithius by Dominic Sceski
Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A. Thompson
Seconds Before Sunrise by Shannon A Thompson

I have also read Contested Heir by Rin Grey but I did not review it.  It is part of a novella series and I think I will just do an overall review once it is completed.

I beta read another one of  Rin Grey’s books too.   It was my first beta reading experience and I really enjoyed it.  She found my response very useful 😀

I am currently reading Death Before Daylight by Shannon A. Thompson.


Overall, I am pretty happy with what I have achieved this month!  I still don’t get a lot of time to write but I think I have a good balance with writing, reading and spending time with my daughter.

Escape the Darkness

Escape the Darkness

The darkness is a scary place,
I know this to be true.
I lived there for so many years,
The shadows always grew.

No matter the size of the crowd,
I was left on my own.
Surrounded by many who cared,
And yet I was alone.

No one could understand the pain,
They could not see my tears.
They never knew what they could say,
To push away my fears.

I was always filled with worry,
I found it hard to sleep.
Often thinking of what went wrong,
The sorrow was so deep.

But now my life has turned around,
My thoughts are not so blue.
I have found my way to the light,
This feeling is so new.

I’m not afraid to face my past,
I know it’s always there.
But I’m a different person now,
I’m happy and I care.

If you are lost within the dark,
Follow me to the sun.
Hold my hand; I will guide the way,
To laughter, joy and fun.

Writing Update: Challenge


Depending on which country you are in, either today or yesterday, Ian and I decided to challenge ourselves to see who could write the most words in a day.  I usually only write in the morning and set the afternoon aside for other things (reading, reviews, etc).  The competitive person in me wants to keep going but I have decided that I have done enough for today.  The real challenge will be next Wednesday when my daughter goes to childcare for the morning 😉

Today I have written 2,200 words.  I finished chapter 9 and have started chapter 10.  It brings me to a total of 32k words!

Wondering Writers #2


Writers tend to realise how important reading is as well.  We need to read works from others to learn about writing styles, different kinds of worlds and to open our minds to multiple perspectives (and many more reasons, I’m sure).  I’ve been trying to read as much as I can lately, especially books from other WordPress authors.  I recently started The Timely Death Trilogy by Shannon A. Thompson, although I had already read book one.  That brings me to this week’s topic.

What are your opinions on rereading books?

Now, I’m talking about actually rereading the same edition of a book, the whole book, not just parts you want to remember and not a book that has been edited and you want to see how it changed.

I have very rarely had the urge to reread a book that I have read since becoming an adult.  I’ve reread books that I read as a child, wanting to bring back the memories, but that is basically as far as I usually go.  I hear people talking about rereading Harry Potter for the fifteenth time and I just cannot see a reason why.  I don’t mean to judge, other people can do whatever they want to do, but I just really don’t understand.

Now we are probably going to go into the discussion of people rewatch movies all the time, why not books?  Well, for me at least, a book takes a lot longer to read.  Plus, I have access to soooo many books now that I’d much rather read something new than the same thing again.  I don’t have the same access to movies.  Also, I don’t even watch a lot of tv any more anyway..

Finally, the reason I actually thought of this topic, I did end up rereading the first book of The Timely Death Trilogy.  I did enjoy it the second time around, but not as much as I did the first time.  I found myself constantly trying to remember specific details before they happened again rather than just taking it page by page.

So, anyway, that is this week’s discussion topic.  I’m not going to judge anyone for having different opinions, I just honestly want to know what other people think.

What are your opinions on rereading books?


Writing Update: Productive!

Today has been my most productive day yet! I’ve finished chapter 8, I’m well into chapter 9. I’ve introduced another key character and my story is really on the move now. I’m really enjoying this character’s attitude and how she clashes with my protagonist!

Today I have written 4,200 words! I honestly feel proud of my achievement and I know exactly where I’m going next. It will probably have to wait until tomorrow through.

So today’s progress brings my WiP to just shy of 30k words 🙂

Book Review: Seconds Before Sunrise

Seconds Before Sunrise
The Timely Death Trilogy: Book Two
Shannon A. Thompson
Urban Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5

You can find my review for Book One here.

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

I never read the synopsis for other books in a series because they can be spoilers so I have decided not to post one.  Here is a link to the book on Goodreads if you would like to read one.

I already loved the characters from Book One so it is no surprise that I continued to enjoyed them in Book Two.  I found each character relatable, realistic and well developed.  Book Two explores a few different characters in more detail but the focus remains on Eric and Jessica.

The tension between some of the characters in the book was intense and it felt gripping.  I found myself unable to put this book down because I needed to know how someone was going to react to whatever happened next.

Similarly, the fear that consumed Jessica was so real and well written that I felt it myself.  The author really succeeded in describing emotions and thought processes and I was very impressed.

I would not necessarily say this is a fast paced book, but there was so much tension and emotion that it felt like things were constantly happening.  I really enjoyed this flow of events.

When I started reading I was a bit confused about how much time had been skipped between Book One and Book Two.  There were mentions of American holidays and school terms but, not being an American, these were lost on me.  A more specific timeline was explained further on but I would have liked it earlier.

Something occurred at the end of the book that was accepted by certain characters very easily.  I would have liked to have had more of an explanation as to why this was accepted.  It was the only part of the plot that I felt was a bit rushed and needed some more work.

There was more description in the start of Book Two than I remember being in Book One, which I really appreciated.  However, there were still places that I would have liked to have had more description.  For example, everyone always seemed to go straight upstairs at Eric’s house, but what was downstairs?  I was not sure what the characters saw when they first entered the house.

I also still had some confusion about the limitations of powers, but it did not bother me as much as it did in Book One.

Grammar and Writing
This was another well written book.  I might have come across one typo but it was very well done overall.

I have to admit, I enjoyed Book Two more than I enjoyed Book One, which is rare for me.  This makes me even more excited to read Book 3!  I am definitely glad that I finally picked up the series again.

A Baby is Born

A Baby is Born

A baby is born,
And she is so new,
And you wonder what,
It is you should do.

The nurses assist,
The midwives explain,
The doctors arrive,
To relieve the pain.

Family visit,
Your friends come as well,
Everyone says,
She’s yours, they can tell.

A baby is held,
And she is so new,
And you wonder what,
You are meant to do.

You learn how to feed,
You put her to sleep.
Every few minutes,
You take one more peep.

It’s time to go home,
Your head is not clear.
You’ll be all alone,
It fills you with fear.

A baby is carried,
And she is so new,
And you wonder what,
You really should do.

You don’t get to sleep,
She cries through the night.
Your food’s always cold,
When you take a bite.

Your house is crowded,
With people to see,
The joy that you’ve made,
She is so pretty.

A baby is cared for,
And she is so new,
And you wonder if,
You know what to do.

Time passes quickly,
And before you know,
She is one month old,
Where did that time go?

But it doesn’t stop,
She learns every day.
She’s able to roll,
She wants you to play.

A baby is growing,
But she is still new,
And you wonder what’s
The next thing she’ll do.

Her kicks are so strong,
Splashing in the bath.
She makes different sounds,
The best is her laugh.

She looks up at you,
You’ve known for a while,
You’re heart melts when she,
Gives you a smile.

A baby is loved,
She’ll always be new,
And that really is,
The best you can do.

Reviews and Beta Reading

I have been getting into book reviews quite a lot lately and I have several beta reading books lined up so I thought I would add a page that explains my book reviews and beta reading service.  Feel free to take a moment to have a look and send me a message if you are interested!

I am currently booked up until about mid November, but I am happy to add more to my list!