Hello everyone!

My name is Kim and I live in South Australia.  I have a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and Classics, and a Masters of Teaching for Early Childhood.

I have tried many different things, but writing has always been my passion.  I started off with children’s stories when I was younger, and I always seem to be coming up with different ideas.  In 2007 I joined a fantasy, text-based roleplaying site called DaeLuin (no longer operational), where I created a number of characters and interacted with several people who have further encouraged my enthusiasm for writing.

In 2014, I finally came to the point where I wanted to seriously think about my writing.  I created this blog to help track my progress and to express my opinions on other works.  I enrolled in a TAFE course for fantasy writing and I created a world that could be the base for multiple books.

As always, life happens, and I was unable to continue my focus on writing.  I got married and had a baby daughter.  I also lost all interest and ability to write while I was pregnant.  I finally got back into things during August 2017, and I am still heading in that direction today!

Wish me luck! I hope you like my work!


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