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World update 

Several years ago, I drew the outline of my world map by hand, scanned in into the computer and added towns, borders, major roads and labels. It was all on a nicely layered file for easy editing. Was…. When my laptop died I lost a bunch of things, all of which I thought were unimportant …

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History of the Gods and Land

This is a brief draft of the history of the world.  It will need editing and more detail, but it gives you an idea about what direction I am heading in with my books. Please refer to the World Map for area references.   It is believed that the world was created from darkness and …

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World Map

So I have decided to share my first attempt at making a world map.  It will need a bunch of editing but I am fairly pleased with the outcome! A bit of back story about how this came about: I needed to make a map for an assignment a few years ago.  My book thoughts …

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