My Review and Beta Reading services are currently closed but I am still keen on promoting other works and being involved in blog tours.

Book Reviews – Closed
These will be posted on my blog and Goodreads.  I will post them on Amazon if your book is available on there too.  You may request other places.  I am also happy to do ARC reviews.

My book reviews follow a structure that focuses on characters, plot, the world and grammar and writing.  I try to give details that I hope will be helpful for both readers and the author.

Beta Reading – Closed
Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like me look into, otherwise I can just give you an overview of my opinions and suggestions.  I may note some typos or confusing sentences that I notice, but I cannot offer proper line edits at this time.

I am currently limiting my beta reading service to one novel a month.  You may book your novel in advance to save your spot.

Kim did an excellent job as a beta reader for a book I was struggling with. She was quick, professional, and offered some great constructive comments. The book will be better for her input – Rinelle Grey

My favourite genre is high fantasy.  I also like urban fantasy, sci-fi and romance.  I want to stay open to other genres too, so if your book is different feel free to send me a message with a description and I will let you know if it is right for me.

I do not like horror or war related books.  By war related, I mean books that are completely focused on fighting.  I know a lot of fantasy books have wars in them.  That is fine as long as there is a larger focus.

Blog Tours and Promotions – Open
I love helping out other authors so if you would like me to join your blog tour or help you promote your book then feel free to contact me.


Please use the contact page if you would like to get in touch with me.  If you are requesting a beta read or review I will let you know how long the wait time might be before you make the decision to send me your work.

Please note that I reserve the right to decline a book.



  1. tashahclaymore

    Fantastic! I’ll probably request a beta read of my novel once I get it done. Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of the year!

    Liked by 1 person


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