Inspiration Call Response

Inspiration Call: Tell this story

Not my usual sort of response, but it’s what I came up with!

I like the rain,
It calls to me,
I go without delay.

I like the rain,
It hides my tears,
It washes them away.

I like the rain,
It conceals pain,
When I am not okay.

I like the rain,
It masks my fears,
I hope it’s here to stay.


Inspiration Call Response

Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Time

We all say there is not enough time.
There is so much to do,
So many things to achieve.
You will get to it later,
You are busy doing something else.
There is never enough time.

But when you really think about it,
What is time?
Is it watching the seconds tick by on a clock?
Is it running to the bus stop, desperately hoping not to be late?
Is it taking a break to stop and appreciate the moment?

Time is so many things.
It is free,
And yet, it is the most expensive thing in the world.

Look back on your day,
What did you do?
What did you achieve?
Have you enjoyed it?

Time something that belongs to you,
It is something you can take control of.
It is something you can reflect on and be proud.

But it is also something that you can give to someone else.
It is a gift.
Giving someone your time tells them you care,
It tells them that they are important.

Did you give someone your time today?
And I mean quality time;
Free from distractions, smartphones and multitasking.

When you are ninety years old and look back on your life,
What are you going to remember?
What is going to make you happy?
What will you be proud of?
Will you be glad that you spent an hour playing a puzzle game?
Or will you miss the time you could have spent with your family and friends?

Time belongs to you,
But you have a responsibility.
Use it wisely.

Book Review: The Exercise of Vital Powers

The Exercise of Vital Powers
Ian Gregoire

Rating: 4.5/5

Synopsis from Goodreads
Some Lessons Must Be Learned The Hard Way

Since its inception, The Order has been dedicated to the prevention of the misuse and abuse of magic. For seven decades this mandate has guaranteed peace and stability throughout The Nine Kingdoms. But a potential threat to the peace has emerged, and its source is much closer to home than the leadership of The Order may realise.

Arrogant, manipulative, confrontational and angry. Undesirable qualities in a person at the best of times, but more so in a young woman born with the power to bring kingdoms to their knees. Kayden Jayta, precocious apprentice of The Order, is all these things and more, yet wholly unwilling to acknowledge and rectify her many troubling traits.

Unbeknown to anyone, Kayden’s resolute determination to join the ranks of The Order is born of a secret that puts her priorities at odds with the precepts of the organisation, setting her inexorably on a collision course with the most powerful institution in The Nine Kingdoms.

If Kayden is to be dissuaded from walking the path she has chosen, averting tragic consequences in the process, two unanswered questions must be answered: What is the dark secret guiding Kayden’s actions? And, why has a legendary figure within The Order, with a secret of her own, taken undue interest in Kayden’s future?

Where do I start? I have so much to say!

Ok, well first of all, I want to express a huge thank you to the author for my free copy of this book!  I’ve never been offered a free book before and it totally made my day!  That being said, I will offer an honest review.

This was the first book added to my WordPress TBR list and I was not disappointed.  To find out how I found it, look here.

The main character in this book, Kayden, is completely different to what I am used to.  She is rude, aggressive and quite proud of her abilities.  I don’t pretend to be the most well read person, but I found this to be completely unique, and I loved it!  I felt very engaged right from the start, and somehow became even more engaged by the end.  The other characters were also well developed and I understood where they were coming from.

The main plot in this story took a while to really unfold, which part of me found frustrating because I just want to know more and more, but making the reader want more is the foundation for a good book.  In the end, I actually really enjoyed the pace of it.  I also found that the ending itself was not rushed, which I feel a lot of other authors do.  Very well done.

Now, to be completely honest, there were a few things that prevent me from giving this book a rating of five.  I came across a few typos, but they can be excused considering it is the author’s first book (I am sure my book will have several).  I also found the repetition of certain words a little annoying.  For example, the word ‘audible’ is used several times to describe things, especially in the first few chapters.  Similar with the word ‘pregnant’ later in the book, but that is just me nit picking…

I also found it a little difficult to keep track of the world.  I loved the different types of powers and how they were controlled, but I became a little lost with the location and setting.  Different areas were mentioned and I would have loved to be able to see them on a map just to clearly understand where everything was happening.

But really, it was a great book and I am so glad I came across it!  I have limited writing time for my own book but I found myself allocating that time to reading instead of writing!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy, but also to those who like to dive deep into a character’s pain and follow their journey in life.

Inspiration Call Response

Tell this story

Creative Talents Unleashed

Everything was happening so fast.  The world was rushing all around her.  People were talking, but she could not make out what they were saying.  Everything was a blur.  She felt out of this world.

Tears were streaming down her face.  Her thoughts were scattered and overwhelming.  Uncontrolled lights flashed before her eyes and the noise was unbearable.

A hand reached out and touched her shoulder.  She looked up and saw a man speaking, his lips moving, but no sound followed.  Fear crept into her eyes.  She needed to run.  She needed to escape.

She stopped.  She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.  She blocked out the lights and sounds; she ignored the world around her.  She focused on the rise and fall of her chest and she calmed her thoughts.

She was alright.  She could do this.  She opened her eyes and saw that the world had settled down.  The noise level returned to normal and she started to see clearly.  The man was still there, looking concerned.  She smiled at him.  She had found her way back to reality.

TBR: Drakin

Drakin: The Story of Raiya
James Harrington
Author’s blog
Not yet released, so I cannot link to Goodreads

I came across this book when I saw the article announcing the cover reveal.  I love cover reveals.  I think they are such a great idea.  This one has definitely made me interested.  I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s usually the first thing you see and you can usually get some form of idea of what the book will be like from it.. 😉

This book is set to be released by the end of the year, so I will be keeping an eye out!

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TBR: Ruled by Shadows


Ruled by Shadows
Light and Darkness: Book One
Jayne Castel
Author’s blog

I came across this book by reading the release announcement on the author’s blog.  The small amount of written information on that page sounds interesting, but then it also has a trailer on youtube!  I don’t think I have ever watched a trailer for a book before, but it made me more interested.  There is also a good review on Goodreads already!

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Chapter 5 complete!


Today I added another 2,350 words to my book, finishing chapter 5 and getting well into chapter 6!  A lot of that was someone telling a story about the history of the world, which I had already created, but I had to edit it a bit to be more in that characters voice.

I now have over 15,000 words!

Well into chapter 5!

I added another 2,200 words to my book today! (I’ve only had about an hour of writing time!) I’m continuing on with the ‘make it up as I go’ plan until my hero reaches the next city. I have major plot plans for the city. He’s currently on day six of an eight day stretch, so not long now! Feeling very productive!

Inspiration Call Response

Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Dare

Live your life.
We take comfort in playing it safe.
We like to know what to expect;
Predictability is desirable.
But if we go with the flow,
If we stick to the simple,
Are we really living our lives?
Challenge yourself,
Do something exciting,
Think outside the box.
Make the effort,
Go somewhere you have never been,
Learn something new,
Experiment and explore.
What are you so afraid of?
You might even enjoy it.
Live your life,
Go on, I dare you.

Chapter 4 complete!


So before I got back into writing, whenever I thought about my book I usually thought about the beginning – what happens to my hero while he is still in his home town.  I thought about it so often that I had a clear image in my mind.  When I came to actually writing it, I found it fairly easy!

And then I got to the point where my hero left his town and actually started his journey…

That was two weeks ago and I had not written anything more since..

Until today!  A few days ago I started making more of a plan for what happens.  I’ve always know the route my hero was going to take and some of the major things that will happen along the way, but I did not have a plan for the finer details.  For example, it takes about 8 days for him to get from his home town to the next city.  What is meant to happen during those 8 days?!

I thought it was my lack of plan that had me stumped, but I had not had much time to work on the plan I started a few days ago and today I thought that maybe it was not going to help much anyway.  I decided to go back to my writing and just go with the flow, see where it was going to take me!

That seems to be working so far, at least enough for me to finish chapter 4! Yay!


I would love to hear from other authors! How do you go about planning? Do you just go with the flow for the finer details or have you got it all worked out? Please comment below!