Writing Update: Challenge #3


I had a pretty good writing day last challenge day (previous update) but I hit a bit of a road block after that.  I only wrote a little for the following two days and the I did no writing at all for a few days.  Life is busy, as always, and my daughter is currently suffering from her first ever cold (at 9 months old, she’s done pretty well to make it this far!).

Anyway, I went into this writing challenge day unsure on how well I would do after feeling out of practice, but I ended up writing a new personal best!  6,129 words, beating Ian’s 4,419! 😉

I wrote all of chapter 16 and a lot of chapter 17.  My current overall word count is 57,144 and I’m up to 25,150 for the month of November.  Considering I only wrote about 15k for the whole of October, I am pretty pleased.

I definitely feel like I am on the home stretch now.  I am estimating there will only be another 15-20k words left to write for my first draft, though I am hoping to flesh it out more during my second draft.


Wondering Writers #5


This week I want to focus on something we all do a little differently!

How do you plan your book?

I’d like to write lots of books for the same world, so I started my plan by creating my fantasy world.  I made a map and did a bit of research about where cities should be located and what the terrain should be like.  I was originally going to focus on one region but I thought it would make sense to know its neighbours so I made it even bigger.

Similarly, my original plan for a book was meant to be in the one region but, after making my map, I changed my mind about what I wanted to write first.  I’ve put a lot of thought into the first region and I know a lot about its history.  I picked part of the history that I wanted to write about and then further developed that idea.

I use OneNote to keep track of locations, characters and other ideas.  Each time I think of something new, or add something to my book, I try to make sure I update my notes as well.

For the book itself, I had a rough idea of where I wanted it to go.  I had a basic outline of events, with a few more specific ones in mind.  It’s a heroic fantasy, so I also knew the path of the journey.  The rest had very little planning.  I make a lot of it up as I go along, following the lead of the characters that are in each chapter.  Sometimes they take me places I did not expect, and that’s fine!  In a way, it’s their book, not mine.

Half way through I realised my journey was a little unrealistic because I had my character going to dangerous towns that he could have avoided.  I think it was one of his companions that made me realise there was a better way!  I changed my plan and continued from there.

So, that is how I plan.  Few specific details for events that need to happen and the rest is kind of made up as I go.  I make sure I follow my world though.

How do you plan your book?

TBR: Scribes

The Scribe Cycle #1
James Wolanyk
Author’s Blog

Set to be released in February 2018.

So this book has not been released yet, but I came across it when I saw the blog post about the cover reveal.  I’ve said before that it is often a book’s cover that will determine whether or not I look further into the book.  I find this one quite interesting!  Naturally, I then decided to click the link that went to the Amazon page which had a blurb.

I think this book is a little different than something I would normally read, but different can be a good thing!  I find the type of power intriguing and I would love to know more about it.  I am definitely looking forward to its release!


Click the link for more information about my WordPress TBR list and how to get your book on it!

Life Experiences

Something a little different from what I have been writing recently.

Life Experiences
I have had different jobs:

I have been called many names:

I have been to other places:

I have had many hobbies:

But I’ve felt lost this whole time,
It’s taken so long to see,
That I was missing something,
It’s a writer’s life for me.

Beta Reading Response

I have just received a quote from Rinelle Grey about my beta reading service.  I’ve added it to my Reviews and Beta page but I thought I would also mention it here because I am so pleased that she found my help useful!

Kim did an excellent job as a beta reader for a book I was struggling with. She was quick, professional, and offered some great constructive comments. The book will be better for her input – Rinelle Grey

Please feel free to check out my services and message me through the contact form! 🙂

Writing Update: Challenge #2


I’m still going pretty strong with my writing and, if I am to be honest, I am quite proud of myself.  Considering my limited writing opportunities, I think I am doing fairly well.

For the 6th and 7th of November I averaged 1800 words per day.  Then on the 8th I had another writing challenge with Ian (@lonelyboy1977).  My daughter goes to childcare on Wednesdays for a half day, which basically gives me between 3-4 hours of writing time (well over double what I’d usually get).

Ian managed to beat me for our last challenge, so I went into this one driven to do really well.  I managed to write 5568 words, beating Ian’s 4200!

We have set another challenge for next Wednesday!

I feel like I am coming to an end with my first draft!  Though realistically I probably have about a third to go, maybe.  It’s a bit hard to judge.  I don’t have a chapter plan, just a general idea of what happens (with some more specific details for certain events).

I currently have 49.3k words 🙂

Wondering Writers #4


Today’s topic extends on the discussion in the comments from last week’s Wondering Writers, where we were talking about books vs ebooks.

How have you and/or how do you plan to publish your books (books or ebooks)?  What are your reasons?  What format do you prefer to read?

Personally, I will be happy to publish my books as ebooks.  I have not done a lot of research into publishing yet, since I am such a long way off, but it does seem like it will be an easier option.  I have always been satisfied with the idea of just getting published in the first place.  I don’t have to be popular or famous, I just want to actually finish a book.  I’ve had so many ideas in my head for so long, but I have only recently been able to actually get words down on a page.

I have nothing against hard copies of books.  If the opportunity arises for me to publish that way as well then I will not turn it down, but it is not something that I will be actively seeking (at least in the beginning).

I prefer to read ebooks.  I find it convenient to be able to carry multiple books on one device.  I also like the fact that it makes it easy to read in the same room where my daughter is sleeping.  There have also been multiple times lately that I have found myself without my tablet but I’ve managed to find the book with my phone and continue reading from where I was up to.

I love that ebooks are very accessible.  I can download the next book in a series almost instantly.  Other authors also find them easy to share when they need a beta reader or they are wanting reviews.

How have you and/or how do you plan to publish your books (books or ebooks)?  What are your reasons?  What format do you prefer to read?

A Baby’s World

Yep, back to the poetry inspired by my daughter 😉 Are you surprised?!

A Baby’s World
I don’t know much about this world,
Or what I’m meant to do.
Everything is so big,
And I am only new.

I don’t know much about this world,
Or how things have been made.
It’s so overwhelming,
Sometimes I am afraid.

I don’t know much about this world,
The cars go zooming by.
Danger is everywhere,
Strange noises make me cry.

I don’t know much about this world,
But Mum’s there when I turn.
It’s safe for me to play,
I really want to learn.

I don’t know much about this world,
There is something I know:
Mum’s always there for me,
She’ll watch me while I grow.

Writing Update: On a Roll!


So I decided against doing NaNo this year.  I have never done it before and I was worried that the pressure of writing 50k words in one month would reduce my enjoyment of writing, especially since I have been enjoying the balance I have in my life at the moment.

That being said, I am totally on a roll with my writing at the moment and I find that all the NaNo updates from other authors inspiring!  Part of me wants to know how I would have done if I did give it a go..

Over the last three days I have managed to write about 6,000 words.  Combining that with the word count from my last update makes me so close to being where I would have needed to be for NaNo! (I did not write on November 1st, so I started off behind.)

I am now up to 40k words for my WiP!  I have not done as many words as I expected, considering where I am up to in the plot, but I am sure I will be adding in more during the second draft.  There are some scenes that will definitely need some work (fight scenes…), so I am happy with my progress.

Book Review: Death Before Daylight

Death Before Daylight
The Timely Death Trilogy: Book 3
Shannon A. Thompson
Urban Fantasy

Rating: 4/5

Other reviews in the trilogy:
Book 1: Minutes Before Sunset
Book 2: Seconds Before Sunrise

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

Just a reminder that I decided not to write summaries for books other than the first in a series.  If you would like to read one, here is the link to Goodreads.

Just like the first two books, this one continues on with great character development, realistic attitudes and believable emotion.  The characters are a major success for this trilogy and I think the author should be proud of her work.

A large part of the storyline (for all three books, so not a spoiler!) are the hidden identities of people in the Dark and the Light.  These identities were well written and some of them were complete surprises for me once they were revealed.  There were times when I thought I knew who they were, picking up on different hints, only to realise I had been misled.  I enjoy surprises!

The plot for book 3 was not quite what I was expecting, but I am glad it did not end up being predictable.  There would have been an easy way out for the ending but I think it took a deeper, more meaningful path instead.  It left me feeling a mixture of emotions.

I found myself impatient with the pace during the start, since I could not tell where the story was heading.  I did not quite understand some of the character decisions but I developed an understanding for them later in the book.

Eric had some limitations that I feel could have been explained more because I found myself thinking of ways he could get around it.  I have no doubt there would have been an explanation as to why these ways would not have worked, but it would have been nice to read a little more detail just to be sure.

Many of the locations were quite familiar from the first two books, though, as I mentioned in my other reviews, I would have liked more description for them.

I found the Light realm a little confusing.  I am not quite sure I grasped the image properly.  The basic concept was really interesting though.  I am not sure why there was a Light realm but not a Dark realm.  The Dark had their own place to go, but it seemed completely different.

Grammar and Writing
This was another well written book.  I did not come across any typos or errors, though I am also not sure I would have picked up on them if they were there.  I was so focused on finding out what happened that I could have easily missed something.

I am definitely glad that I picked up this series again.  Some of you may recall that I read book 1 a few years ago and had not had the change to continue.  It was always on the back of my mind though.  Now that it’s over though, I find myself disappointed that there is not another one to read.

I really enjoyed the unique descriptions of the Dark and Light and how they went against the stereotypes.  This is definitely a series I would recommend to urban fantasy lovers.

I look forward to reading more from Shannon A. Thompson.  I also think she should consider writing a book about the history of the Dark and Light realms.  It was talked about during the trilogy but I would absolutely love to read it in detail.