Wondering Writers #19

What devices do you use for writing and planning?

I’ll be honest, I’m typing this post from my phone. It’s not the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last… I just find it so convenient for when I’m away from the computer and I want to do something. These days, I’m away from the computer a lot.

As far as actual writing goes, 99% of that is done on my computer. I do recall writing some on my tablet once while my daughter was asleep in my arms, but it’s definitely not ideal.

The majority of my planning is done in my head. I have a pretty good memory for the big ideas and a lot of my plots come from thinking about characters before I sleep (a bit like controlled dreaming) or just randomly considering different aspects during the day. Once I have these ideas, I like to document them in OneNote, where I have other details about characters, the world and other plots. OneNote is one of those useful programs that you can access from a number of devices, and I take advantage of that.

I only use my computer to update OneNote if I’m already using it for writing or editing. Otherwise, I find it just as easy to use my phone.

I currently only edit from my computer because I’m only in my second draft and there’s a lot to change, but I expect that will also move to my phone in the later stages. I use my phone for ebooks anyway, and it’s simple to make notes.

What devices do you use for writing and planning?


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  1. Paper, pencil, and laptop. šŸ˜‰

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