Picture it & Write Response

Short Story3

Picture it & Write


Hidden in the park lived a girl who felt lost and alone.  She had no family and she had no friends.  She had nothing except the clothes on her back and the fading memories of who she used to be.  Now, she felt like she was nothing but a shade, nothing but a shadow that people sometimes saw but she was always gone before they took a second look.  No one cared for her, and she cared for no one.

The holidays came and went as they always did, and the girl remained the same.  She hid behind the trees and avoided those who visited the park.  Sometimes, when it was dark and no one was around, she would venture out and try to appreciate the land, but she always came back to the same feeling.  She was lost in life, and she was alone.

The Easter celebrations began and the girl was hiding once more.  She could see other children playing together and laughing with their family.  She could see the joy in their eyes, but they could not see her.  She was invisible to them, and that was the way she would stay, no matter how much she wished she could play as well.

On Easter Sunday, the girl woke in her usual hiding place, but something was different.  The natural chill to the air was somehow inviting, instead of filling her with sorrow.  Upon further inspection, she noticed something else, something that had not been there the night before.  There were decorated eggs hanging from the trees and they were beautiful.  They made the girl smile.

Then, the girl noticed more of them, hanging from different trees as if they were lining a path.  She followed them, wondering where they could possibly lead, and that was when she saw them.  The family she had seen playing the other day, and they were waiting for her.  She was not invisible and she was not alone.  She had someone to care for her.



  1. Awe! It made me think of Brave for a moment, Merida chasing after the wisps. Loved the ending, so sweet!

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  2. Kim

    Thank you!


  3. How sweet! I just want to scoop her up and hug her. I thought maybe she was a ghost or something until the end. Great post. Thanks for contributing.

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    • Kim

      I considered the ghost side of it but thought a happy ending was better suited for the holidays 🙂

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