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Inspiration Call: Create a Story Around a Key
Creative Talents Unleashed
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Inspiration Call: Keys are a sad part of life. They remind us that the world is untrustworthy and unsafe, and that locks are needed to protect our loved ones and possessions from humanity’s less appealing inclinations. But keys are also filled with memories: a first apartment, a new car, access to a home no longer occupied by a friend. Choose a key from your keychain, or perhaps one abandoned in the back of a kitchen drawer, and write about it. Begin with a detailed description of the key and segue into broader, more meaningful thoughts.

I have a key; it appears to be an ordinary looking key. It’s not that old, though it definitely isn’t new. It has clearly been well used on many occasions and will continue to be used for many more.

Do not let appearances fool you though. This key is no ordinary key; it is the key to the final stage of opening a whole new world. This world is filled with laughter and it is filled with tears. It is a place where people are free to explore, imagine and grow. It is a place where one can truly feel like they belong, even if they do not belong anywhere else.

When I open the door to this world I feel a sense of hope and purpose. This is a world where I can make a difference and a place where I have the ability to change lives. Changing lives can be powerful and dangerous, but this is what I was born to do, and I believe I do it well. This world brings out the best in me and I can make sure it brings out the best in you.

This key is not just a key to a childcare centre; it is a key that opens a door to endless possibilities.



  1. Well done. Smiles


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