Daily Fantasy Writing Prompt Response

Short Story3
Daily Fantasy Writing Prompt – Mar. 16, 2016

Yes, I know it’s no longer March 16th but I haven’t had time to write until now and I really wanted to try some of these. This is one of my first attempts at writing in first person, so hopefully it is ok!

The dog just won’t leave you alone. “Go home, won’t you!” you yell. It doesn’t listen. Its tail wags about and its tongue flops about happily. Where you’re going just isn’t a place for dogs.

I was late for work. I could feel my heart racing as my anxiety began to build. I was never late for work! In fact, I was always at least ten minutes early, just to be sure. Today was different though. Today was just not my day. My alarm decided not to go off this morning, and I have still not worked out why. I did not have time to work out why.

I dressed quickly and raced out the front door, slamming it locked behind me. I ran to my car, put my keys in the ignition and waited for the familiar roaring sound that my old tank always seemed to make. Not today though. Today it decided to make a whining sound, refusing to get the engine going. I tried several times, each with no success.

I grumbled to myself, getting out of the car and starting to hastily walk down the driveway. My thoughts became so lost in a heated argument occurring in my own head that I almost tripped over a small dog. Cursing to myself, I looked around but there was no owner in sight. The dog did not even have a collar. Normally, I would not like to leave a dog by itself, but I was in such a hurry that I had no other choice.

I continued up the path, walking as quickly as I could as I tried to convince myself not to feel guilty. That was when I noticed that I was now being followed by that dog. It seemed so happy with its wagging tail and playful barks. It clearly wanted some attention, but I did not have time for this.

“Go home, won’t you!” I yelled at the dog, instantly regretting my tone. It was not the dog’s fault that the world was against me today. I continued to walk but so did the dog, staying so close to my feet that I was sure I was going to trip over it again if I was not careful.

This continued until I reached an intersection where I had to turn a corner. I could see my work all the way down the end of the next street. The dog had been so happy and playful up until then, but as soon as I turned it was a different story. I heard growls and angry barks. The dog latched its teeth onto the bottom of my pants and tried to drag me away from the change in direction.

“What are you doing?! Let go of me!” I yelled, hardly believing how this day was turning out. It did not matter what I did though, the dog just would not let me go. We continued to struggle in the street for quite some time.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake and I fell down with a crash. My head hit the pavement and the world went black.

When I finally woke, my eyes opened in a daze. I could feel something warm against me and realised it was the dog, cuddling up to me as if to protect me. I slowly began to sit up and tried to fight off the sharp pain rushing to my head. I needed to know what was going on.

The ground had settled by then, and the emergency services were beginning to arrive. A man approached me to see how I was but I ignored his efforts to keep me on the ground. Instead, I used him to help me stand so I could look down the street, fear seeping through every part of my body at the devastation before me, but I looked for one building in particular. That building was not there. My work had completely crumbled to the ground.

“I was meant to be in there.” I said, pointing to the ruins. The whole street leading up to my work was covered in shattered glass and rubble. I was lucky that I was standing exactly where I had been.

“The dog..” I said, letting my voice trail off as I looked around me but it was nowhere to be seen. The man did not appear to know what I was talking about either. It was like it had just disappeared, but I was never going to forget the dog that saved my life.


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